Wills, Trusts, and Inheritance

Help with estate management is here!
Administering Wills and Trusts: A Layperson’s Guide for Executors and Trustees of Mid-Size Estates (Truth About Estates) helps people figure out what to do when someone dies and leaves them in charge.

Watch a Free Workshop I Recorded at MoneyShow Las Vegas 2014 on Estate Planning

MoneyShow Las Vegas 2014

Advanced Care Directive for Trading Account

Layperson’s Guide to Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts, Investments & More helps people direct how their estate is passed on in an organized manner. Coming soon in 2014!

Owners of either book can download supplemental materials such as example spreadsheets and letters by visiting the Book Owner’s Bonus Pages.  The password is the last two words in the book, exactly as written, with capitalization and punctuation.   If you own the book, go to the last page, note the last two words, and type them EXACTLY as you see them on the page for your book. Thank you!
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